Become a presenter for the 2021 SCORE E3 Women's Conference

Educating and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Event Date: September 15-16, 2021 Event Location: Springfield, MO Submission Deadline for Presentation Proposals: July 16, 2021

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the SCORE E3 Women’s Conference! You can learn more about the SCORE E3 Women’s Conference here. Before you submit a presentation proposal, please review the details associated with being a conference presenter described in this document, including the benefits and responsibilities you agree to by submitting your speaker proposal.

The online Call for Presenters form will collect contact and bio info for all proposed presenters, as well as details of your proposed session. You can access the Call for Presenters form at the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact Katy Pattison ( (417)616-0700

Submitting a Speaker Proposal indicates your authorization for SCORE to record your session and utilize the recording in any appropriate business context if you are chosen to speak.

Presenter Benefits

If you are chosen as a presenter, your registration fee for the conference will be waived (value: $100)

This complimentary registration does NOT include:

  • Hotel accommodations or other expenses such as travel, transportation, parking, meals or materials
  • Conference registration fees or expenses for support personnel, personal camera crew, etc.

Presenter Requirements

If your are chosen to be a conference presenter, you will be required to:

  • Develop an educational session that will fill the 50-minute time slot and include adequate time for sharing, questions and answers.
  • Be available and prepared to present at the time assigned to you by the conference committee.
  • Read and sign the SCORE Workshop Presenter Guidelines document and abide by that agreement in your presentation.

Presentation Requirements

  • Presentations must be content-driven and educational. Sessions that appear to pitch a product or service will not be chosen.
  • Sessions that provide two tangible tools or resources for participants to take home are preferred. Consider what action the participants will be able to take after participating in your session using the tools you provide.
  • Sessions that provide hands-on learning opportunities or interaction (such as small group activities) generally receive higher marks.
  • Sessions that are innovative and applicable to a broad audience are preferred.

Presenter Proposals - Submission Requirements

Presenter Proposals must be submitted via the online Call for Presenters form. All proposals will be reviewed by E3 Women's Conterence Committee, including SCORE, Library, and presenting sponsor WBC. who will evaluate the proposals based on topic applicability, speaker experience, quality and authenticity, along with session interactivity, and session takeaways. You will be notified by July 17th whether your proposal is accepted or not.

The Call for Presenters form asks for the following information, which must be provided to complete and submit the proposal:

  • Primary speaker name, contact info, and short bio.
  • If applicable, second speaker name ,contact info, and short bio.
  • Target audience for your session, including:
    • Company Size.
    • Time In Business.
    • Experience Level.
    • Other Target Group.
    • Any other information about the audience that will most benefit from your presentation.
  • Two learning objectives: Boil down what attendees will get from your session into two objectives.
  • Identify wwo audience take-homes you will provide to attendees at your session, for example:
    • A “how-to” guide.
    • A template.
    • A list of resources.
    • A free sample.
    • A list of actions to take.
    • Or any other resource that will help your audience put into action what they’ve learned.
  • Session Description.
    • This is where you explain what your session will be about, written to give us an idea of what you plan to do in the presentation if you are selected to speak.
    • PLEASE indicate how you will make the session interactive.
    • This is NOT necessarily the final description for marketing, but is a good start.
    • You will be limited to 1000 characters, so be detailed, but concise.
  • Your Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter handles.
    • Provide links to any social media accounts you have.
    • These will be used later in the marketing process to help promote the conference and presenters.

Once you read the speaker information above Sign up to become a presenter